We are more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns and in an effort to provide an even better service we are here listing the answers to the most common questions so you can get a head of the game. We look forward to riding with you!

We are all about AWESOME motorcycle riding. This is why the majority of our tours are in the central parts of Colombia in the Andes mountains where the most exciting motorcycle roads in the world can be found. The coastal areas are for the most parts flat, straight and very hot and humid. We do reach the Caribbean coast on our Giant Loop of Colombia tour and all our multi-country tours reach the Pacific ocean. The coastal regions are of course also available on customized tours.

“Probably the best roads in the world! I don’t remember when I had so much fun riding the bike before. Thanks Mike!”

“Perfect in every detail! Bikes in excellent conditions, very good service and a local knowledge out of this world. Mike takes very good care of you and he knows where to find any kind of riding, and designs a route with a perfect mix. I will come back really soon, and bring my friends!”